Mbuya Catholic Workers' Movement (CWM-Mbuya) is an Association which was formed by (8) members in April 1998 following the visit of Mr. Reiter and his wife from KAB Germany which is the equivalent of Catholic Workers’ Movement in Germany.

CWM-Mbuya is under CWM-Kampala which is under CWM-Uganda. Overall, CWM-Uganda is affiliated to the World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW).

The main objectives of CWM-Mbuya were and still are;

  1. To improve the Spiritual morals of members through reflecting deeply on the Catholic values and sharing them with others.
  2. To sensitize members always to adhere to the Biblical call that urges members to work, forgive, reconcile with others at all times and demonstrate in practical terms their faith.
  3. To teach members to learn to co-operate, share and join hands in times of challenges and hardships.
  4. To lobby and liaise with other organizations for a common cause and purpose especially towards social justice.
  5. To transform members to live the values of solidarity such as sharing, friendship and commitment for a meaningful growth.
  6. To advocate for the marginalized and the sidelined.
  7. To instill in members the sense of fairness and dignity by creating awareness on human rights and the general living and working conditions of workers.
  8. To instill in members the spirit of recognizing, appreciating and respecting the workers.
  9. To groom and support leaders to effectively engage in the leadership of the Church and Society.
  10. To instill in members the spirit of harnessing the available resources and putting them to proper and optimum use.
  11. To challenge members to engage in programs and facilities designed to enhance the economic and social welfare of the members and community generally.
  12. To support the CW-SLA Program (Savings and Loans Scheme/SACCO) as a means of mobilizing the members for self-economic empowerment.

CWM-Mbuya recognizes the fact that today we live in a world where;

  • Young people cannot build a future without working opportunities (widespread unemployment).
  • Millions of workers including majority of our members have no social security and/or an adequate social protection.
  • The generation of retired workers live with miserable pensions.
  • Public services such as healthcare, education, etc. are being increasingly privatized.

Therefore, since the most effective route out of poverty is the promotion of decent work and support for adequate social protection, our mission has been to promote human work as the most essential key to the whole social question.

In addition to the above, as Christian workers our mission has been to further;

  • Promote the right of individuals and families to have incomes or basic income that allow them to live with dignity.
  • Create an economic and physical environment for a community where human life will still be possible for years to come.
  • Promote work as a means of eradicating poverty.
  • Contribute to the establishment of principles of social organization where each family, each person, can live with dignity; with the dignity that God has wanted for each one of his sons and daughters.
  • Emphasize the concept of "fraternity", It is not al­ways easy to live as brothers and sisters of the same family, the great hu­man family but promote the same.

All in all, CWM Mbuya’s vision is to see a society free from social injustice by encouraging members to initiate and take collective action towards social change in respect to the welfare of all using the principles of the Catholic Church such as spirituality, promoting the voice of the voiceless and self-economic empowerment.

Since its inception, CWM-Mbuya which is mostly composed of the Women and Youth, has grown and expanded with the current membership standing at about (200). CWM-Mbuya is also tasked through its objectives to create a society that practices social justice at work, leadership in the church and the country, through the principles of the Catholic Workers' Movement i.e. See, Judge and Act.

Since its inception, CWM Mbuya has achieved the following;

Two Small Canteens

These are at St. Kizito Primary and Secondary Schools in Bugolobi employing about Six (6) of our originally unemployed members who are currently earning a salary. The women members of CWM Mbuya benefit by supplying the said Canteens, products such as groundnuts, popcorns, pancakes, cassava chips, Soya etc. which they sell to the canteen and earn an income.

The Mobile Catering Unit 

This employs majority of our members when we get big contracts. The Catering Unit serves at Weddings, Baptisms, Graduation parties and other functions by supplying food on contract basis. The Catering Unit generates funds for the movement and helps the ladies earn a living and be able to support their families.

CW-SLA (The Savings and Loan scheme) 

This is a form of SACCO which is aimed at helping members who save their little earnings during the year, take out loans based on an approved business plan at an affordable interest rate without security, access an insurance Fund called the Social Fund during the year and finally be able to share them out with a profit at the beginning of the year in order to do something for themselves. During the year, the group can put a substantial amount of accumulated deposits at its disposal, into a fixed deposit in order to earn a reasonable interest rate. At the end of the day, the CW-SLA acts as a continuous enhancement of the basic entrepreneurship knowledge for the members.

Despite the above said achievements, CWM Mbuya still faces a lot of challenges which are hindering the Movement from steady progress and these challenges are as hereunder; 

  1. Meager incomes earned by the members and the prevailing high cost of living among most of the members which affects them from achieving self-reliance.
  2. Fluctuating commodity prices and high inflation which reduces on our profit margin thereby affecting what our members take home from the Movement.
  3. Lack of transport for the catering unit. Almost half of what the Movement earns from the contracts it gets, is taken by transporters.

CWM Mbuya urgently plans to do the following in the near future in order to overcome its problems;  

  1. To purchase a truck to solve the transportation problems for the Catering Unit. The truck we intend to purchase costs about Ushs. 60,000,000/= (Ushs. Sixty Million Only). We have so far saved a total of Ushs. 15,000,000/= (Ushs. Fifteen Million Only) from our hard sweat. Any assistance rendered towards this project will be highly appreciated.
  2. As the Mobile Catering Unit grows, we plan to transform it into a fully-fledged Restaurant offering state of the art services. Therefore, we welcome any assistance rendered to the Catering Unit to acquire a permanent home (premises).
  3. CW-SLA (The Savings and Loan scheme- Sacco) – CWM Mbuya is looking around for people of good will to donate to this project to boost the seed capital raised through the meagre incomes of the members. This will in the long run boost/increase the amount of money available to Loan to the members under the Loan scheme to help improve the lives of our members by engaging in individual income generating activities.

In conclusion, all we can say is that any other form of sponsorship or contribution from your esteemed Self and/or Organization towards our cause, shall go a very long way in helping the Movement achieve the above mentioned Twelve (12) objectives.