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The idea of the women’s desk was suggested to CWM- Mbuya by the Women’s Club in Germany during one of their visits. Their reasoning was that the women needed space to express themselves away from the main movement and address issues unique to them like spirituality, morality and economic productivity. They also felt that success among the female members of CWM-Mbuya would eventually spill over to the main movement and cause it to grow even further.


Young Catholic Workers (YCWM) –Mbuya was formed on the 22 April 2009 and officially launched on May 1, 2009, as a Youth desk or seedbed of Catholic Workers Movement (CWM) - Mbuya which is part of CWM- Uganda. YCWM is dedicated to promoting and improving the health, educational attainment, human welfare, and opportunities for Youths, Families and Communities in Mbuya and Nakawa Division

CW-SLA stands for Catholic Workers’ Savings and Loan Associations. This was started in 2013 with two groups each of 20 members. We are happy to note that to date we have expanded from having 2 groups of 40 members to 5 groups of 100 members.

It is intended to empower members with skills and techniques to form Savings and Loan Associations of self-selected people who regularly save together and take small loans from those savings in order to enhance existing or to start new businesses. The key principles used are self-selection, self-administration and self-organisation.

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